Emergency Engine  Jump Starter Kit 

AD-GZG-788 is a small emergency engine jump starter, measuring only 147 by 79 by 17 mm only, but yet having enough juice to jump start your car or motorcycle engine by at least 20 times. Alpha Digital engineers tested AD-GZG-788 jump starter on vehicles like Toyota Camry, Toyota Harrier, Mazda 6 and even Mercedes S Class engine. 

It comes in really handy in a situation when your vehicle battery did not work the way it was designed to work.

Available in gold color only. AD-GZG-788 is suitable for engine capacity of up to 2500 cc. Using only the best lithium polymer battery, it contains 8000 milli Ah of current. It has an output voltage of 12 volt, and a peak current of 400 amp, for jump start your vehicle, and a 5 volt output for charging your devices. The Printed Circuit Board for both 12 volt and 5 volt are separated and you do not have to worry that the jump starter damages your devices. 

In case of emergency, activate the LED light for SOS, Signal or flash lights. 

AD-GZG-788 Jump Starter comes included a charging cable for the jump starter and a jump start cable. 

For product demo video, please click https://youtu.be/Ftzg29PcxH4

Model No.

AD-GZG-788 (Alpha)



Start Engine Capacity

2500 cc



Output Voltage

12 V


147 x 79 x 17 mm

Start Current

200 A

Peak Current

400 A

Applicable Temp Range

-20 to 60 deg C

USB Input


USB Output



SOS/Signal Light

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AD-GZG-788 Emergency Engine Jump Starter

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