Partner Program

Becoming a partner is easy.

Simply make a purchase of SGD 1000/- in a single receipt to qualify as a business partner. 

Partner receive 25% off retail prices or prices listed on Alpha Digital website at

Application to become a partner is easy.

1) Simply write in to and express your intent to be a partner. 

2) Provide your name or company's name, address & contact details.

3) Make a purchase online for value up to SGD 1000/- to qualify. 25% cash voucher will be given on delivery. 

Referral Program

If the purchases are made on behalf of another, Alpha Digital will reward the referral with 25% of purchases. 

As long as the person or company is not under the Partner Program or Affiliate Program, the referral entitles to 25% referral fees. 

There is no expiry date for Partner or Referral Program

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